Wellness Success Stories

Boston Wellness Success Stories

by Stephen Cabral

Boston Wellness Holistic Doctor

“High Cholesterol Gone!”

Bill came to us with cholesterol over 300 mg/dL. After looking at what his underlying causes were for this imbalance we quickly created a Personalized Wellness Plan® for him. Within 6 weeks his cholesterol dropped 100 points and he no longer needed medications to control his high cholesterol. To date (2014), in terms of high cholesterol, we have a 100% success rate in rebalancing cholesterol to within healthy range.

“High Blood Pressure Gone!”

Carol came to us after being on multiple medications for over 10 years for hypertension. Unfortunately, these medications were no longer to keep his blood pressure at safe levels. After determining her homesostatic imbalances we were able to rebalance her blood pressure within 10 weeks.

“Joint Pain Gone!”

Chris came to us with severe joint pain and inflammation. He had difficulty performing even normal daily activities now. After recognizing his joint pain stemmed from a systemic inflammatory condition, we created a Personalized Wellness Plan® for him that looked at the entire person. After decreasing the amount of toxic load in his system, his systems lessened each week. Less than 8 weeks later his joint was gone.

“Back Pain Gone!”

James has had severe back pain and stiffness off and on for over 2 decades. After assessing he had certain biomechanical imbalances with his hamstrings, IT Bands, and hip flexors, we devised a program for him to realign his ankles, knees, and hips. This included myofascial release, flexibility, and strengthening weakened musculature. We also helped him reduce his inflammatory food choices to allow his nervous system to calm down. Within weeks his back pain was completely gone and has not returned.

“Gas & Bloating Gone!”

Susan had tried everything for her gas and bloating, but nothing had worked for longer than a couple of weeks at most. After explaining to her how she got to where she is now and what she needs to do to repair her digestion, Susan skeptically agreed to follow the plan we created for her. Within 10 days her gas and bloating were completing eliminated and Susan now understands what it means to be able to enjoy food again!

“Constipation Gone!”

Jenny suffered from severe constipation for over 20 years. She had seen dozens of doctors and tried every supplement or product she could think of… She often only had a full bowel movement once or twice a week. This led to pain in the abdomen and lower back, and an overall poor mood due to the toxic build up. After running a series of labs we discovered her true imbalances, which had nothing to do with adding more fiber to her diet. Jenny implemented her Personalized Wellness Plan® and within 3 weeks her constipation was gone forever.

“Chronic Diarrhea Gone!”

Bethany had come to except her daily diarrhea as part of her life, but when it began to affect her ability to be away from a bathroom for any extended period of time she knew she needed help. After running some specific labs and listening to her health history we found her underlying condition and imbalances and set about a plan to correct these issues. Within 3 weeks her diarrhea has subsided and she no longer even thinks about where the closest bathroom is.

“Heart Burn, GERD, and Acid Reflux Gone”

Bob walked in with heart burn, GERD, acid reflux, and a “sour” mouth as he described it. After running a series of labs, finding his imbalances, and then explaining to him why he had these issues, Bob took home his Personalized Wellness Plan®. After following the plan for 21 days, his heart burn, GERD, acid reflux, and sour mouth were gone.

“Chronic Fatigue Gone!”

Cynthia walked in with debilitating chronic fatigue. She said she felt like she was a part of the walking dead, like a zombie. Knowing that chronic fatigue is a complex set of conditions that affect cellular metabolism, hormones, immunity, ATP, and many other factors we had to find out why exactly Cynthia had these specific symptoms. After discovering her underlying factors that were keeping her from getting well, we designed a unique plan specific for her. Each week she began to have more and more energy, and I’m happy to say she is now able to work fully, exercise, play with her children, and her mood has dramatically improved.

“Fibromyalgia Pain Gone!”

Fibromyalgia remains a mystery to most health practitioners, but there is always a reason why you are exhibiting the symptoms you have. We just need to find out what those homeostatic imbalances are. That’s why when Kathy came in with a decade of fibromyalgia symptoms we went through a detailed outline of how we could go about improving her health & wellness. Each week we stayed in touch and through tweaking her Personalized Wellness Plan® we were able to rebalance her body by removing the triggers causing the fibromyalgia. She is now pain free and enjoying life again.

“10 Years of Anxiety & Depression Gone!”

Brenda was tired of how her anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications were making her feel. She felt disconnected from life and simply said she no longer felt any joy in any of her daily activities. She wanted to feel alive again. After assessing her neurotransmitter and underlying imbalances for her condition we set about a mental and physical health wellness plan to help her regain her love of life again. After reducing toxic load and restoring her body’s vital reserves Brenda started making marked improvement. After just 8 weeks of being on her CWI Personalized Wellness Plan®, she worked with her MD to taper off of her medication and today she is loving taking up new activities, playing with her children, and enjoying all the little things in life.


Brian was only 9 years old and had been having progressively more problems in school. He was getting in trouble and his grades were suffering. He was a good kid, but just had some issues with attention and hyperactiveness. Luckily, he wanted to get well again and hated being on his medication, which he said made him feel like a “zombie.” After working with him and his parents on his Personalized Wellness Plan® we saw an amazing improvement within just 3 weeks. Brian’s blood sugar, inflammation, nutrient levels, and energy all stabilized and his teachers commented on how he was like a different student now!

“Psoriasis & Eczema Gone!”

Although I have had dozens of wellness clients of all ages come in with skin rashes, I love helping young children and infants with their skin rashes. Bradley was only 2 years old and had psoriasis covering 60% of his body. He also had severe gas and bowel disregulation. After working with Bradley and his parents on why this was happening, we were able to create a Personalized Wellness Plan® just for him and appropriate for his young age. Within weeks his psoriasis cleared up and we then cautiously added back in certain foods and watched for further reactions. After just a few short months we had helped to heal his toxic load and found exactly what Bradley’s triggers were. Today he is pain and itch free.

“Urinary Tract Infections Gone!”

Regina had a long history of urinary tract infections (UTIs). She wasn’t sure I could hope, but was tired of being on and off antibiotics and hated being in pain from her infections. After showing her how to naturally remove the bacteria causing the UTI and then how to rebalance her body’s natural flora and pH, she is now UTI and pain free.

“Seasonal Affective Disorder Gone!”

After no longer wanting to “suffer” through another cold dark New England winter, Alana came in wanting to know if there was anything she could do to overcome these “winter blues.” After tweaking her program to find out what she needed and in what amount, Alana was enjoying the winter “almost as much as the summer.”

“Low Thyroid Gone!”

After Mary came in with a TSH of over 5 mIU/L and a long standing history of low thyroid, as well as a family genetic disposition to low thyroid (Hashimoto’s), she asked if there was any hope to normalize her thyroid. After explaining how the thyroid is actually part of a larger more complex hormonal system and then sending out additional labs to look at her health on a deeper level we found out the root causes of her health issues. After decreasing toxins, improving nutrient ratios, rebalancing the entire hormonal signaling axis, and showing her what exacerbates low thyroid she was well on her way to feeling well again. After 12 weeks her TSH of back under 2 mIU/L and she no longer needed any medication.

“Migraines Gone!”

After decades of suffering through debilitating migraines Steve came to me looking for a way out of this nightmare. He would start to see spots, feel nauseous, and then have excruciating head pain that would force him to leave work and go home to lie in a dark room. After assessing Steve’s underlying root causes we set about starting him on his own Personalized Wellness Plan®. From that point on he has never had another migraine.

* All names have been changed for confidentiality reasons. For past and current wellness client referrals please contact us.
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